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Once again I’m reminded to live every day like it’s the last one. Life and death – two things that are completely out of human’s grip. We can only control how we face them. While there’s light this second, it could be utter darkness the next; warm hands could be claimed by frost the next minute.

Time continuously ticks as its steel heels knock on the ceramic ground. Microscopic sand trickles swiftly down the flask, escaping the finest woven net. You might be mesmerized looking at the grains of gold glittering in the sun, and exclaim how gracefully they glide; you might want to stretch out your arms to try to reach for the flask and turn it upside down, only to realize you’re actually standing on top of the pile of sand, sealed inside the transparent glass…

So by “life and death”, I’m reminded again to seize every chance, before it evaporates. There’s no “redo”, “undo”, “rewind” or “replay” button…

The shimmering torrent is pretty to look at, I only hope to not slip away with it mutely, leaving no trace.


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