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This is one of my favorites from the Starbucks Winter Wonderland CD I own.

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? (sung by Mindy Smith)

Listen with Lyrics – What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve by Mindy Smith

Wish everyone peace, joy and love. Happy New Year.


A 2010 version of Silent Night by yours truly – Silent Night by Shirley To [2010]

Silent Night
Silent night, holy night!
All is calm, all is bright.
Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child.
Holy infant so tender and mild,
Sleep in heavenly peace,
Sleep in heavenly peace.

Silent night, holy night!
Shepherds quake at the sight.
Glories stream from heaven afar
Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia,
Christ the Savior is born!
Christ the Savior is born.


Sometimes, we forget why we’re doing what we’re doing, and why we’re celebrating what we’re celebrating; the origin lost, the real reason being washed by the waves of commercial opportunities… Let the pure voices of children remind us of why we’re celebrating Christmas, and what the true meaning of the celebration is.

Merry Christmas!

After a downpour in the morning on Dec 22, 2010, the sun came out and greet the afternoon sky, where “troubles melt like lemon drops”.

Looking at the huge, colorful perfect arc hanging in the sky, it made me think of the voice of angel on earth and in heaven – Eva Cassidy. Her “Over the Rainbow” is one of the vocal versions that is powerful enough to hold my breath and touch my heart.

Over the Rainbow – Eva Cassidy

Rainbow on Dec 22, 2010

Where troubles melt like lemon drops

Rainbow on Dec 22, 2010

Is there a pot of gold at rainbow's end?

A beautiful spirit in this holiday season –

While a crowd is casually having lunch in a shopping mall, a flash mob started singing the famous Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah written by the great composer George Frideric Handel.

Flash mob organized by

Absolutely one of the most beautiful renditions of the song “Over the Rainbow”. The intricacy of the notes and the melody lines that flow out from Keith’s fingers is like threads of silk weaving harmoniously into a picture of the most comforting blue and white with that colorful arc laying lazily over it. His choice of dynamics adds layers of very special emotions to the piece.

Achingly beautiful.

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