A bit tardy on this post, but there’s still lots of time to do object writing with Pat Pattison – starting March 9th, for 40 days, not only can you brush up your object writing skills – how to tap into your senses and really expand on the details of things, get your brain into gear, but also the chance of having your writing being picked for Pat’s new book on object writing!

Write on~


Pat Pattison, inventor of object writing, is in the midst of a new book. This new book, Songwriting without Boundaries: Lyric Writing Exercises for Finding Your Voice, sets out a series of 14 day challenges constructed to improve both your object writing and your ability to discover and manipulate metaphor. The book will contain two examples for each of the object writing and metaphor prompts. Each day for the next 40 days, starting on March 9, we will post a new object writing prompt. You are invited to submit your responses here and Pat will be selecting from your responses for possible inclusion in the new book.

update: one of my object writing pieces is picked by Pat to be included in his new book! Can’t wait to see the book published!