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Looking through my emails, found an article I read when trying to find why we say “Break a Leg” before a show / art performance:


What a poetic song by the master Kitaro, and what an angelic vocal performance by Jane Zhang.  I’m moved from the very first note.

Watched Cirque Du Soleil’s act IRIS (prounced: e-leeese) at the renowned this past weekend, I was blown away. I’m glad this act has residency at Kodak Theater in Hollywood as I’ll definitely go back again (and maybe again and again). Aside the wonderful stage decoration and design, the meticulously tailored costumes, the jaw-dropping acrobatic moves, the elegance in the camera projection usage and the ingenious angle of presenting life through the lens of cameras, there’s the captivating music written by the respected Danny Elfman! My ears were having a treat right from the very beginning, when the eerie yet beautiful theme is played through the piano keys alone. It reminded me a lot of Vincent’s piano solo in The Corpse Bride.

Read an interview with Danny Elfman on the music-making for IRIS.

The CD can be pre-ordered now:

I can’t wait to unwrap the CD and immerse myself back in the beauty bath of such wonderful music.

It’s hugely generous for Cirque Du Soleil for us to enjoy the music via streaming before the CD goes on sale.

Highly recommending Cirque Du Soleil’s IRIS for an exciting theatrical experience.

I discovered Alexander Calder when I was in a museum in Washington D.C. a few years ago. I fell in love with his wonderful mobiles instantly. The balance of these art pieces is amazing, how the weight of the different sections in the mobile support one another is clever and meticulous, and how each section spontaneously dances with the air is captivating, just like how a drop of ink dissolves into a glass of water, silky and just flows with the current, very beautiful.

Kudos to today’s GoogleDoodle for featuring Alexander Calder’s mobile (happy 113th birthday!). Look at the detail of the doodle, even the shadow underneath the search box moves as the mobile moves! (doesn’t work in IE8 though, please use Firefox or Chrome or Safari for the cool animation).

Alexander Calder Mobile - GoogleDoodle

Alexander Calder's mobile is featured as Google Doodle on July 22, 2011

I was in the bookstore alone for an hour. Upon leaving, a book having a yellow cover with simple graphics and an interesting title caught my attention. The book is titled “Beautiful Oops!” (by Barney Saltzberg).

Being a fan of children’s book, I began flipping the pages. It put a smile on my face by page 2.

Beautiful Oops!

Turn little mistakes into heart's delights

There’s a torn on page 1 – half page down, from the right edge to the center of the page; when you turn the page, the tear becomes the big, cheerful smile of a cute crocodile.

Each page features a “mistake” – a crease, a crumble, a cut or a stain, but each turns into a heart-warming delight.

You can decide to let little mistakes ruin your day, or put a smile on your face – it’s all perspectives and attitude.

This children’s book is a wonderful read for children, yet insightful for all.

And what makes it more beautiful is that the author is a fellow singer-songwriter!

Beautiful Oops!:

Barney’s Myspace:

“Without music, life would be a mistake”.

Stumbled upon this lovely paper art that I’m compelled to share.

source: Made by Julene

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