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I was in the bookstore alone for an hour. Upon leaving, a book having a yellow cover with simple graphics and an interesting title caught my attention. The book is titled “Beautiful Oops!” (by Barney Saltzberg).

Being a fan of children’s book, I began flipping the pages. It put a smile on my face by page 2.

Beautiful Oops!

Turn little mistakes into heart's delights

There’s a torn on page 1 – half page down, from the right edge to the center of the page; when you turn the page, the tear becomes the big, cheerful smile of a cute crocodile.

Each page features a “mistake” – a crease, a crumble, a cut or a stain, but each turns into a heart-warming delight.

You can decide to let little mistakes ruin your day, or put a smile on your face – it’s all perspectives and attitude.

This children’s book is a wonderful read for children, yet insightful for all.

And what makes it more beautiful is that the author is a fellow singer-songwriter!

Beautiful Oops!:

Barney’s Myspace:


“Without music, life would be a mistake”.

Stumbled upon this lovely paper art that I’m compelled to share.

source: Made by Julene

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