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Absolutely one of the most beautiful renditions of the song “Over the Rainbow”. The intricacy of the notes and the melody lines that flow out from Keith’s fingers is like threads of silk weaving harmoniously into a picture of the most comforting blue and white with that colorful arc laying lazily over it. His choice of dynamics adds layers of very special emotions to the piece.

Achingly beautiful.


Hiromi is a jazz pianist who is innovative and is always on fire! Listening/watching her play makes one realize what real passion is. The emotions just pour out from her fingers and the piano strings and flood the whole atmosphere.

I love her composition “Tom & Jerry” show. I can just see Tom & Jerry in action – chasing, evading, hiding, resting, anticipating… then running again. =)

When someone as great a jazz piano player as Oscar Peterson gives a lesson in such a humble and friendly way, you just can’t not respect him more.

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