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Ferry… Hemex… glittering blue bag and orange dress… splitting ways at the turn of heads, voices drowned in the empty echoes of footsteps



Stumbled upon this beautiful poem by Robert Frost –

Dust of Snow
The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree
Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.
– Robert Frost

So real and subtle, like the quiet ripples that form when a dragonfly touches the surface of a pond. No metaphor, just simple images and a true-to-the-heart feeling, and it provokes beautiful imagery and emotions. This reminds me that lyric writing should be like this, keep it true, keep it simple, keep it close-to-the-heart.

A bit tardy on this post, but there’s still lots of time to do object writing with Pat Pattison – starting March 9th, for 40 days, not only can you brush up your object writing skills – how to tap into your senses and really expand on the details of things, get your brain into gear, but also the chance of having your writing being picked for Pat’s new book on object writing!

Write on~

Pat Pattison, inventor of object writing, is in the midst of a new book. This new book, Songwriting without Boundaries: Lyric Writing Exercises for Finding Your Voice, sets out a series of 14 day challenges constructed to improve both your object writing and your ability to discover and manipulate metaphor. The book will contain two examples for each of the object writing and metaphor prompts. Each day for the next 40 days, starting on March 9, we will post a new object writing prompt. You are invited to submit your responses here and Pat will be selecting from your responses for possible inclusion in the new book.

update: one of my object writing pieces is picked by Pat to be included in his new book! Can’t wait to see the book published!

You head towards me
On glowing summer day
I blush to see you
As flowers bloom and wave
The birds are lightly chirping
Smiling when our shadows superpose
Our hearts rehearsing
For waltzing down the golden road

Nothing tops this perfect dance for two
Skip along the vinyl
Manifest a rhythmic duo
Sun is shinning radiant
Casting rays of gradient
Through a pair of crystal hearts
Baby, swaying here with you
Chases out the blue
Nothing tops this perfect dance for two

We’re now together
We’re walking hand in hand
Our names connected
By Mr. Ampersand
There’s nothing else between us
Love has come to score a lovely song
It’s sounding joyous
It’s time to put our dance shoes on

Floating in midair
Weightless and lost
Flying to somewhere
Far from the frost
You would have asked me to stay in the pond
Only if I were a swan

All of the sweet words
Whispered to me
Changed to absurd lies
Starting to crease
Knowing your loving would not have withdrawn
Only if I were a swan

Little by little I see through
What is important to you
Learning the truth — I’m a duckling to you

Now I will take flight
Leave you behind
Saving my bruised heart from drowning in plight
Darling I could have been first on your list
I could have appeared in your dreams
Only a swan had I been

Curtain’s up the stage is ready
Let’s begin the show
Look at all the fame we hold
Our sparkling eyes reflect the spotlights
Our smiles bewitch the moonlight

Magic down to every row

Every eye
See us shine
Biggest stars
Come alive
Our bright dazzle even makes heaven sigh
Glamor time

Puppet life

Music starts and here we go we’ll
Do it all again
Dance and sing in public eye
We move our wooden limbs that dangle
As threads control our torsos
Faking laughs in high profile

Every eye
See us shine
Biggest stars
Come alive
Our bright dazzle lighting up paradise

Glamor time

Puppet life

One day
We’ll kiss
The strings

Every eye
See us shine
Biggest stars
Come alive
Our bright dazzle bringing down paradise

What a time

Puppet life
We’ll both flee this prison so high and dry
Leave behind
Puppet life

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