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While watching the exciting games in the World Cup, just doing a sanity check on the seating capacity of the stadium: FIFA World cup 2014 stadium guide.

This World Cup has been filled with thrilling and unexpected moments so far.  Teams that had been given high expectations are slipping, and those that might have been valued moderately have been fighting and playing their best games.  It’s amazing to see some goals are scored within a minute of each other, and some are scored even during additional time.

This is a game of persistence, testing the players’ physical and mental capacities.  It’s admirable that players from countries that are much cooler in weather and lower in humidity to fight on till the last minutes of their games.  It’s not an easy test to run for 45 minutes non-stop in a weather that would feel somewhat like a toaster oven. The threat of dehydration is ever so real and lurking, and the sudden attacks of high stress when the opponent charges towards their own team’s goalie are ever so imminent. These players need to press on regardless of how many minutes are left on that clock, how far the gap is between their score and their opponent’s score, and how worn out they are mentally and physically.  Their goal is to break through defense walls that made of muscles like steel, and seize the perfect moment to send that soccer ball into the crocheted white net, and let it rest there like a baby sleeping in a cradle.  The players fighting spirit has to be relentless.

The excitement is not through yet.  More games to come until that final battle for the ultimate honor and praise in the soccer field on Sunday, July 13th, 2014.  Here’s the FIFA matches lineup. Will you follow the games to the end?


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